With Koma the combination of languages is not going to be an obstacle, as linguistic barriers do not exist. From Europe to America, passing through Asia: our team of professionals can handle any language.


We offer translations into all the accepted ISO standard languages: English, Basque, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Chinese etc…totalling 142 languages, available in any combination which you might require.

Our translators are highly qualified professionals and native speakers of the languages into which they translate. All of us sign a commitment to service agreement to ensure confidentiality, quality and loyalty.



Each document contains its own terminologies and style and the expertise of the professionals who carry out the translations is fundamental to achieving the desired result. The following fields are some of the specialities in which we have long and proven experience:

Technical translations

Technical manuals, user instructions, scientific and technological articles on dissemination…Documents for sectors such as aeronautics, automotive, IT and mechanics among others.

Commercial translation

Marketing materials, advertising leaflets, press releases, touristic magazines, corporate documents….Large corporations and media companies are among the companies that rely on our services.

Legal translations

Contracts, statutes, diplomas, regulations….We work with professionals, native speakers of the target language who have an extensive and varied knowledge of legal matters. Law firms and legal departments in companies are some of our customers.

Sworn translations

All types of documents required during administrative and judicial processes: contracts, visas, permits, documents for Office, etc. These Koma translators are accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Their signature and official seal legitimize the translation of the document.

Translation and localization of websites, software

Translation of statistics or dynamic (CMS) websites, software localization. Websites are currently one of the key forms of communication and contact with clients and colleagues. The Koma team aims to provide translations adapted to the targeted cultural and linguistic environment. Localization goes beyond a simple translation of content and this is becoming an issue that cannot be ignored.

Besides, The following translations are divided into three categories from which you can choose the one that suits your needs best:

  • STANDARD: Your text is translated and revised by a qualified translator.
  • PREMIUM: Your text is translated and revised by a qualified translator and then submitted for a second, independent revision, complying with the European Standards UNE-EN 17100 standards of translation.
  • CLASS: YYour text is translated and revised by a qualified translator and submitted for a second, independent revision. Following this process, a specialist in the particular field of the target language will amend it to the field, complying with the European Standards UNE-EN 17100 standards of translation.
Komaberri Formats


We ensure you will receive your documents in the format you choose. We are familiar with all the programs in the Microsoft Word package (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint…) and we have the opportunity to work with the leading design tools (PageMaker, QuarkXPress, FrameMaker, InDesign, Freehand, etc.) as well as technical programs (AutoCad, SolidEdge, MicroStation, etc.)

In Koma we pay close attention to innovation and technology to help maintain our current resources. That is why we use the most popular, localization Software (Catalyst or Multilizer) not to mention the various assisted translation tools (Trados, Deja Vu, Wordfast…)

Each translation project is unique, therefore we adapt to your specific needs in order to provide the translation quality and service you deserve.


We set a deadline that is always adapted to the specific needs of the client and the individual characteristics of each translation project.

We guarantee that we will comply with the agreed deadlines and with the necessary quality controls to achieve the expected results.
For the larger projects, we establish a plan that keeps the clients informed throughout the translation process.

Komaberri Bat deadlines



At Koma we firmly believe that the technological advances bring with them opportunity to offer you the highest quality work. That is why we strive every day to maintain our project management and assisted translation tools up to date.

Innovation in project management has introduced a new system into Koma’s day to day work. As a result, each step your translation project passes through is recorded in our tracking system guaranteeing optimal quality.

Project OpenProject Open is a project management tool that also allows clients to follow the progress of their project step by step, from when our team receives the request for a quote up until your translation is ready.

On the other hand, in Koma we always work with the latest versions of assisted translation programmes in order to offer the highest quality work to our clients.

If you need to hire a translation service, you are likely to encounter one key word: Trados.

What is Trados and how can it benefit you?

This software allows you to create translation memories and saves formatted text segments as they are translated. It is also possible to organize the memory in language pairs to ensure the consistency of the terminology.

As a client, Trados offers two fundamental benefits. Firstly, it will allow you to reduce deadlines and costs. Secondly, and more importantly, you can maintain uniformity and the consistency of the terminology, thus assuring quality.


Any ideas? Shall we work together?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a project or an idea that you’d like to launch. We would be more than happy to work with you.

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