Financial translation

At Komaberri Bat you will always find a specialised team that will help you grow and internationalise your service or products by translating your financial and economic documentation, which is of great importance to both investors and customers.

Financial, accounting and administrative translations

There are economic and financial documents that need to be translated in internationalization processes in which thousands of companies embark every year. Expanding internationally allows companies to increase their growth potential, but without correctly translated content it is difficult to generate sufficient confidence in your company and present yourself as a company that understands the business of the country in which you intend to operate.

International commitments oblige companies to deliver and receive commercial, fiscal or financial documents that need to be translated to ensure perfect understanding. In our team, you will always find a reliable financial translator to whom you can entrust your translations, whatever the size of your company.


Types of translations

Financial translators for SMEs and large companies

As a financial translation service, we translate account reports, balance sheets, business agreements, employment contracts, payrolls, business viability reports or stock market price analyses, among others. This is why we have become the linguistic partner of many companies operating in international markets.

Our financial translators are specialists in this field and treat these documents with the utmost rigour, transparency and accuracy in financial terms. All of this is done with the utmost confidentiality and with a view to the growth of the business. Financial translation is essential in order to conquer new markets.

We adapt to the economic and fiscal guidelines of each state, translating annual accounts and results accurately. The accounting and financial intricacies of each country make financial translation a particularly difficult field. Our translations respect the vocabulary and professional jargon of the sector (capital gains, rates, taxes, shares, etc.), adapting to the economic and financial peculiarities of each specific case.

Other economic translations we carry out include management and financial reports, banking documentation, reports on Corporate Social Responsibility programmes or applications and justifications for grants from public bodies, among others.

A translation company with specialists in financial matters

With our financial translation services, at Komaberri Bat you will ensure that the documents are adapted to the idiosyncrasies and cultural habits of each territory. This allows you to increase the quality of your translations by going beyond a strict translation, thus accelerating, for example, the closing of commercial agreements.

With our team of specialised translators, your company will use all the financial and economic terminology specific to each country in each financial translation. Without a doubt, the best way to make an international leap forward with the guarantee of offering texts that follow the strictest quality standards.

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