In regards to the cookies policy of the website, in the event the website uses cookies and they are not inherent to the functionality of the WEBSITE, or what is referred to in paragraph 2 of Article 22 of the LSSI (Spanish law regarding information society services) “for the sole purposes of transmitting messages over an electronic communications network”.

A cookie is a file with information that the server of the website sends to the device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) used by whoever accesses the web site to store and recover information about their usage of the website from that device.

KOMABERRI BAT, S.L. uses several kinds of cookies (technical, analytical and social) for the sole purposes of improving users’ experience of the website without any kind of advertising or similar purposes.

KOMABERRI BAT, S.L., does not collect any personal information using cookies. All the cookies except the ones used by the Google Analytics statistics system are temporary and disappear when the session ends.

KOMABERRI BAT, S.L. uses the cookies described below on this website.




Own/Third parties

Analytcs – Google Analytics 2 years Statistical reports on website traffic, its total audience and the audience in a specific advertising campaign. Third parties
Cookie Consent 12 months Alert users to the use of cookies until they have accepted it. Third parties

There are also cookies belonging to social networks used by this website which have their own cookies policies.

Users can choose at any time which cookies they want to be used with this website by:

  1. Configuring their browser (show a link in every browser for blocking or allowing cookies).
  2. Third party tools available online that let users detect cookies for every website they visit and control if they are blocked.

Neither this website nor its legal representatives are responsible for the content or veracity of the privacy policies that the third parties mentioned in this cookies policy may have.

Accepting this policy implies that the user has been informed in a clear and complete way about the usage of data storage and recovery mechanisms (cookies) and that KOMABERRI BAT, S.L. has the user’s consent to use those cookies as established under Article 22 of Spanish law 34/2002, of 11 July regarding Electronic Commerce and Information Society Services (LSSI-CE).

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