In Koma we’ve been providing translation and interpreting services for more than ten years. During this time, we have adapted to the needs of our customers and offer specialized translation services.

Sectors and activities

We have the technology and a highly qualified team, both of which are fundamental to offering specialized translations to different sectors such as aerospace, automotive, machinery-tools, legal, oenology, advertising and marketing…

We base the selection process for translators on the nature of the text to be translated so we can ensure high quality work regardless of the specialization of the text.

Sectors and activities

Why you choose KOMA

We are proud to be able to count on as our clients, people that trust in our services and who are willing to provide references. Here are a few comments from our clients:

For us as a purely export company with worldwide implementation, it is essential to have suppliers/partners who are able to support us and take on the challenges this may present. Learning languages and translating technical documents, user manuals, technical manuals etc. are vitally important supports for our products. In this sense, client needs and swift responses join product quality as essential values to bear in mind, even more so in these times of economic crisis. In this sense, Koma, as a supplier and partner of Ulma Packaging has been able to take ownership of these challenges as their own, with their team consistently providing solutions for every circumstance arising.
Manu GonzĂĄlez

Manu GonzĂĄlez
After Sales Service Director
FP / VT / FE /RT / Export
Ulma Packaging

...Wir sind mit der Zusammenarbeit und dem Resultat sehr zufrieden und werden bei einem nÀchsten mehrsprachigen Projekt gerne wieder mit dieser Firma zusammenarbeiten.

Daniel KĂ€ser
Baumeler Leitungsbau AG

We have been working with KOMA since 2003, during which time we have implemented language courses ranging from English, German, Portuguese, French to the less common Polish and Dutch. We have attended these courses both at their premises as well as at our own facilities. They have also provided us with translations and interpreters

Elena BeltrĂĄn de Lubiano
Head of the Personal Development, Human Resources Department
Mercedes Benz España

Whenever you need them, they're always there, whatever the time or the job

Ana Eceiza
Comunication Exterior Corporate
Communications Irizar S. Coop.

The EUROCOPTER ESPAÑA Teaching Centre's experience with KOMA regarding their interpreting services of technical helicopter courses is highly satisfactory, due to the quality and professionalism of the interpreters who have worked on the courses.

Eva de Juan Fraile
Eurocopter Spain Training Centre

In these times of high "financial crisis" in which we live, there is no solution but to export our products abroad. This in itself requires a lot of travelling, a massive cultural change (different cultures), different norms and forms of product approval, forms of negotiation, etc. However, the most important (above all the aforementioned) is language. We cannot afford to "understand – sort of what we're being told". There is no real solution aside from "investing" in us learning languages: English, French, German
 and due to economic reasons I would not rule out Portuguese (Brazil) or Arabic (Qatar, Abu-Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, etc.), or Russian (Russia and neighbouring countries). All these are countries are currently investing a lot of money in renovation. The translations are equally as important as are in some cases interpretations. After many formulas in our company, we have finally been successful in choosing to collaborate with KOMA Language. I would like to highlight the professionalism of the KOMA team, and in some cases, even the "patience" they have with us. Our needs are thoroughly analysed in order to speed up the different processes and save costs for the company.

José María Lagos Hernåndez
Jefe de ExportaciĂłn / Export Manager
Urssa S.Coop

Fast, quality translations. That is KOMA.
Cliente Koma

Olaia Sagredo
Lacor Menaje Profesional S.L

With Koma Translation I have learnt how naive we are to think that translation is only translating words. Not only does Koma translate with the correct words, but they also make sure the words convey the intended meaning, within the appropriate context of technical reports or management, the web page, the technical manual or any other document you require translated. Ah! Fast and with outstanding customer service. I recommend Koma Translation without a shadow of a doubt
Cliente Ingeinnova

Carlos Palenzuela
R+D+I Coordinator, Strategy and Personnel
Ingeinnova Group

] In 2011 we made four trips around Spain [...] These four trips turned out to be very interesting, fun and culturally enriching as well as being days with no room for worry. That is how our clients felt, and that is how the Prodega team remembers it. Everything went according to plan. PDF

Peter R. Wyss
GeschĂ€ftsfĂŒhrer Prodega
Cash+Carry transGourmet
Schweiz AG

KOMA: "Always by our side, helping us understand and communicate better with the world. A young company, dynamic and flexible. Highly professional and great colleagues."

Erika Mendibil
Human Resources Manager
Fagor Arrasate s. Coop.

In the last few years RPK has gone from being a cooperative based in Vitoria to a group of four companies in three different continents, with a clear international vocation. The necessary components have been revised on all levels and languages have been identified as fundamental to achieving the highest performance both individually and as a group. That is why for many years now we have been working with Koma for language training to all members of the company, working with native English, French, Italian and German suppliers. We understand that our clients in different countries appreciate working in their own language and this is why the RPK group will continue to dedicate resources in both time and financially to the training of our staff members.

José Ricardo Romo
Managing Director
RPK S. Coop

] Mrs. Dal Pont and her whole team at Koma did a great job and managed, once again, to meet the high quality Swiss expectations." PDF

Kurt G. Blumenthal
Prodega Cash+Carry
transGourmet Schweiz AG

"Il Calzaturificio Men's Shoes ha il piacere di lavorare con il British Institutes Komalingua diCivitanova da quasi dieci anni. Cortesia, professionalitĂ  e correttezza hanno semprecontraddistinto il British Institutes Komalingua ed Ăš un piacere sapere che ce si puĂČ avvalere di unservizio serio ed efficiente svolto da personale qualificatissimo, disponibile e gentile. Abbiamo sempre potuto contare sul loro pronto aiuto e ci auguriamo di continuare a farlo in futuro." "The "Men's Shoes" shoe company has had the pleasure of working with the British Institutes Komalingua of Civitanova for almost ten years now. Professionalism, courtesy and correctness have always distinguished British Institutes Komalingua and it is a delight knowing that we can rely on a solid and efficient service carried out by a highly trained, available and kind staff. We have always been able to count on their readiness to help and we hope to continue doing so in the future."

Dr.ssa Lucia Verdicchio
"Men's Shoes" Shoe Company Corridonia (MC)

"Come gruppo di ricerca ci rivolgiamo spesso all'istituto British Institutes/Komalingua perconsulenze linguistiche sulle nostre pubblicazioni scientifiche in lingua inglese dato che l'istitutohanno parlanti madrelingue di cui apprezziamo la competenza e cordialitĂ ." "As a research group we frequently depend upon British Institutes Komalingua for linguistic consultation on our scientific publications in English, we appreciate the competence and cordiality of the British Institutes Komalingua native speakers."

Prof. Andrzej Zuczkowski
Centro di Ricerca in Psicologia della Comunicazione
The Psychology of Communication Research Centre.
University of Macerata

"ISEA s.r.l. lavora da sette anni con il British Institutes Komalingua di Civitanova ed oltre alle qualitĂ  professionali, apprezza l'estrema disponibilitĂ  e le notevoli doti umane di tutto il suo staff." "ISEA s.r.l. has been working with British Institutes Komalingua of Civitanova for seven years now, above and beyond the professional qualities, we appreciate the complete availability and the exceptional interpersonal skills of all the staff."

Dott. Gianluca Statti
ISEA S.r.l.
Civitanova Marche
Rome – Beijing

Recent arrivals to the Basque Country; the two Young founders of Koma (Viviana and José Luis) met and equally young Jon Larrea who needed to learn German but with little desire to study but a lot to learn. I had little "ability" to learn grammar and a lot of nerve to try to speak. I have to admit that overall Viviana knew how to get my attention and give me what I needed: a sufficient foundation to be able to launch into a German adventure (living in that country for 5 years). Nowadays Viviana invites me along to her classes but I dare not go because the need has led me to speak German in my own way. I will always be grateful to Koma for having believed in me and helping me along on my adventure. It's a pleasure to be part of the Koma community.

Jon Larrea
China Commercial Manager
Fagor Arrasate

We have been receiving language training from KOMA for a few years now and the assessment is very positive. Our main classes are currently English but we have also taken in German and Spanish classes. From our experience, we know they are a professional company, with a keen focus on our needs.

Roberto Irizar
Product Manager
ULMA C & E, S. Coop

As said by Benjamin Disraeli “the secret to success in the life of any man is in preparing himself to seize every opportunity when it should arise” Koma is a company in which we here at Eika S.Coop have a great deal of “trust” which is preparing us for such situations.

Iratxe Acha
Human Resources Manager
EIKA S. Coop.


Since our customers are our best guarantee and the ones who can say the most about us.

These are some of the companies that trust in Koma:

ABB Schweiz, AsociaciĂłn de HostelerĂ­a de Bizkaia, Astore, Ayuntamiento de Artziniega, Batz, S. Coop., Baumeler Leistungsbau AG, Calzaturificio Men’s Shoes srl, Curaswiss AG, Defacto Public Relations, DĂŒrr Systems, Eika S. Coop., EJIE, Eurocopter España S.A., Fabi SpA, Fagor Arrasate S. Coop., Gesundheitsverbund Landkreis Konstanz, GPA Pressenautomation, Grupo Guzzini, Helios Kliniken, Ibili Menaje, ICA, Indar Electrics, Instituto Foral de Bienestar Social de Álava, Irizar S. Coop., ISEA srl, JAG Process Solutions, Lacor Menaje Profesional, Mercedes Benz, Minustamp snc, Nextlevel Consulting GMBH, TelefĂłnica, Ternua, Tod’s, Ulma Handling Systems S. Coop., Ulma Packaging S. Coop

More than a service

In KOMA we’d like to offer more than just a service and that is why one of our objectives is to be our clients’ partners throughout their business career.

No client is the same and no solution is universally applicable to all projects. That is why we plan our translation and interpreting projects by adapting them to each client’s needs and the specific characteristics of the project. We try to find the best way to meet our clients’ expectations and develop them with you.

For us collaboration implies closeness to the client, with a permanent and fluid line of communication. It is the key channel for continuous improvement, innovation and personalization of our services.

Any ideas? Shall we work together?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a project or an idea that you’d like to launch. We would be more than happy to work with you.

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