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Transcribing audio into text is an enormously versatile and practical tool. There are many professional fields that can benefit from it – journalism, legal, education, entertainment, etc. – and its possibilities are multiplied even more if it includes translation services

We call the work of converting audio to text by a certified transcriber a transcription. With this we obtain the conversion into a physical or digital text.

Why transcribe audio into text?

The great virtue of transcription is the possibility of adapting it to all kinds of needs. In fact, you can choose to convert audio to text in a strictly literal or simplified manner. Moreover, this type of work is compatible with all kinds of input formats (mp3, AVI, mp4, etc.) and output formats (Word, txt, Excel, etc.).

The uses of audio transcriptions are enormously varied; from conferences to press conferences or town hall meetings. The resulting texts can be used for multiple purposes, such as subtitling, publishing, preservation in a documentary archive or as a basis for a study, for example.

What is the best option for transcribing?

Today there are multiple software options designed for transcribing. However, despite their speed and technological advances, their results are far from those we can obtain with a human transcriber.

Converting from audio to text is not just a simple format conversion. It is not a purely automatic task, instead it requires human intelligence to produce truly satisfactory results.

Automatic transcription does not respond adequately to certain variables such as ambient noise or idioms. Nor is it able to introduce punctuation marks or to review the text once it has been transcribed. Furthermore, this type of software only works with the most common languages.

All the disadvantages when it comes to converting audio to text automatically become advantages if we use a flesh and blood transcriber. Thus, choosing a highly-experienced transcription professional will offer us speed and accuracy in all types of projects and languages.

Transcribing audio to text automatically can be a solution to get it done quickly, but it is not a good idea if you want to get professional quality transcriptions. That’s why it’s so easy to see when you’re using transcription software.

In short, when your corporate image and the satisfaction of your users are at stake, your best option when transcribing audio to text is to hire professionals. Komaberri Bat offers you an advanced simultaneous transcription  service  in more than a hundred languages.

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