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Script translation is an essential part of the audiovisual world. In fact, without it, we would not be able to enjoy foreign works in unknown languages. It is a perfect discipline to expand the entertainment industry.

Any audiovisual creator knows that, when the time comes to cross borders, much of the success of the work will depend on its translation. Of course, a badly translated script can ruin a genuine masterpiece. When a script is well translated, we expand its possibilities of worldwide expansion (festivals, competitions, foreign televisions, Internet).

Whether it is to introduce subtitles or to enable the work of dubbing actors, script translation is key to disseminating any cultural production.

Our types of translation

Financial translation

We translate account reports, balance sheets, business agreements and more

What are the distinctive features of script translation?

Signing of the confidentiality agreement to preserve the author’s intellectual property rights

In the case of translation of texts from the audiovisual field, it requires attention to non- textual aspects, such as sound and image.

Cultural issues should be addressed to make the piece understandable outside its country (sayings, word games, jokes, songs, slang, references to current events, etc.). Beyond performing an exact translation of texts, it is necessary to adapt the work from one nationality to another.

It is more appropriate for this type of work to be carried out by a single translator rather than by a team and for the team to maintain permanent contact with the author of the work.

One of the most unique aspects when it comes to translating audiovisual scripts is the on– screen time code (TC). Thanks to this, the perfect lip and time synchronization of the dubbing actors is achieved.

Unlike other forms of translation, translating scripts requires the use of certain audiovisual techniques (adaptation, amplification, tracing, modulation, etc.). The aim of this is to equalize the time between the original and dubbed versions.

In what fields can script translation be applied?

  • Films and short films.
  • Radio programs and podcasts.
  • For subtitles or dubbing.
  • Television series and programs.
  • Theatrical and musical works.
  • Documentaries, broadcasts, interviews and docurealities.
  • Advertisements and publicity reports.
  • Cartoons (films and series).
  • Corporate videos from the public or private sphere.

Time adjustment and cultural adaptation are the main challenges when it comes to translating a script. To obtain truly satisfactory results, it is best to opt for a team of translators specialised in this type of task, as is the case with Komaberri Bat. Work with us and we can translate your script into over 100 different languages. Why not tell us about your project today?

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