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Our process and services are reviewed continuously with regards to the needs of your company or institution and therefore here at Koma we’re always working towards continuous improvement and linguistic innovation.


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KOMA ensures absolute confidentiality with regards any documents and professional details you send us. The nature of the assignment, as well as any other information provided by the client will be treated with total confidentiality.


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Each document has its own terminology, its own style, so the expertise of the professionals performing the translations is fundamental to obtaining the desired result.


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The significance of languages on websites: The habits and preferences of the consumer

An international study carried out concerning the habits and preferences of Internet users when shopping and visiting websites has revealed something interesting: the majority prefer to do it in their own language. Every business asks itself what sort of result it is likely to expect when it goes global with its website, if translating e-commerce […]

Young Mary vs Virgin Mary: A mistranslation of epic proportions

Young Mary vs Virgin Mary: A mistranslation of epic proportions

We all know the story of the Virgin Mary in the Bible, and the Immaculate Conception that led to the birth of baby Jesus. However there has recently been speculation regarding the use of the word “virgin” with regards to Mary. The reason for this speculation being that it has been discovered that in the […]

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